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What Are VBX Files?

When looking through your computer, you may find a few stray VBX files scattered throughout the system. What exactly are these files and why are they important to your computer? As it turns out, VBX files are an essential part of the system and have been historically used to help developers build the user interface for their programs.

VBX stands for Visual Basic Extension. It is a file type which is designed to extend the abilities of Visual Basic and allow developers to build bigger and better programs. The VBX file extension has since been supplanted by OCX and ActiveX controls, but the underlying technology has remained in several areas of Windows.

Microsoft has since replaced the original Visual Basic tools with their newer Visual Basic .NET technology. Despite the fact that they share a common name, these two technologies do not have very much in common. Visual Basic .NET is a completely different set of technology and is unable to make use of VBX files.

When later versions of Visual Basic open up a VBX file, they attempt to replace it with an OCX file that they generate. If you find this happening, you can, in most cases, simply rename the OCX file to VBX and continue using it in an older version of Visual Basic. OCX files are a newer format that is used by later versions of Visual Basic, up until Microsoft created Visual Basic .NET as a replacement for the entire Visual Basic programming language.

VBX files themselves are typically used to contain information about the controls within a program and how they are supposed to behave. Controls are the parts of the program that the user sees and interacts with. Text input, buttons, and other parts of the user interface are all done through controls. Without VBX files, programs made in Visual Basic would not be able to properly load their interface.

For this reason it is important to prevent the VBX files that are on your computer from becoming corrupted. If a virus or other malware manages to corrupt these files than certain programs that are built into Windows (and other third party programs that depend on those VBX files) will not work properly. If you find your computer comes up with strange errors when you attempt to run certain programs, it may be a good idea to make sure that the VBX files on your computer have not been corrupted, or if they have, to replace them with new versions of the VBX files.

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